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Yesterday I finished up work on the map, today I'm diving into the GraphQL stuff for the tables. No blockers!

  • Clementine Kelly closed TEST-1

Brad Simantel · 3:56pm

@clementine I think the GraphQL queries for the tables should be similar to the work I did for charts - let me know if you want help!

Clementine Kelly · 3:56pm

@brad thanks, I'll let you know if I run into any issues!


11/7 Mosaic Sprint Retro

7 Jira issues closed

4 GitHub PRs opened

1 action item

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Jenn Miller · What went well?

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Jenn Miller · What didn't go well?

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Brad is a software engineer by trade, and built Teaminal to solve his own pain. He's lived in Portland for almost 10 years, and outside of work he's into biking, hiking, and good food.



Clementine definitely believes in "work smarter, not harder." In fact, she barely does any work at all! She is a sucker for treats, though.



Milton is incredibly clever, a real self-starter, and loves a good puzzle. He's never met a problem he couldn't solve.

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