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Yesterday I finished up work on the map, today I'm diving into the GraphQL stuff for the tables. No blockers!

  • Clementine Kelly closed TEST-1

Brad Simantel · 3:56pm

@clementine I think the GraphQL queries for the tables should be similar to the work I did for charts - let me know if you want help!

Clementine Kelly · 3:56pm

@brad thanks, I'll let you know if I run into any issues!


11/7 Mosaic Sprint Retro

7 Jira issues closed

4 GitHub PRs opened

1 action item

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Jenn Miller · What went well?

Milton joined the team this week! He hit the ground running with his work on the new checkout.

Jenn Miller · What didn't go well?

We ran into some issues setting up the new testing library.

Clementine Kelly · 3:56pm

@jenn I just made an action item to follow up on this!


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Improve product search functionality

Our ecommerce website currently allows customers to search for products using keywords, but the results are often inaccurate and do not always display the most relevant products. This can be frustrating for customers and may lead to them leaving the site without making a purchase.

Not ready

Brad Simantel · 3:56pm

Looks like this was just written as a user story - we need clear acceptance criteria.

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Show shopping cart in right sidebar

User Story

As a shopper, I want to see my shopping cart in the right sidebar of the page so that I can easily keep track of the items I have added to my cart and proceed to checkout without having to navigate to a separate page.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The cart is displayed in the right sidebar of the page with the product name, price, quantity, and a thumbnail of each item.
  • The cart dynamically updates as users add or remove items.
  • The cart uses our design system and matches the mocks.



Jenn Miller · 3:56pm

The API is already done, so this is just the front-end piece.


Skip estimating in your sprint planning meeting

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Once the team has voted, push story points to Jira with one click

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Ensure your team is following Agile best practices

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