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April 2022 Update

Has it been another month already?! I never seem to get as much done as I want to, but I keep reminding myself that I'm just one person working on this part-time.

May 1, 2022 by Brad Simantel

This is part of a series of monthly updates I write for friends, family, and anyone else that’s interested in following along. For the previous installment, check out my March 2022 Update.

Has it been another month already?! I never seem to get as much done as I want to, but I keep reminding myself that I’m just one person working on this part-time.

I did build out a couple good-sized features:

  • I added a GitHub integration so you can now see PRs you opened alongside your status updates and retros
  • I built out Slack reminders so teams can schedule standup reminders, a time to post open pointing tasks, and retro reminders

I also had a call with a UX designer that was super helpful, and ended up spending time on some UI improvements:

  • I added a filter to only show open pointings
  • On pointings, votes are now grouped and ordered by value
  • You can now sort retro comments by likes or by date
  • On retros, I also added a link to view details since that wasn’t obvious
  • I now show Jira issues and PRs for the whole team on retros

On that same call we also talked about how it’s not super obvious what your outstanding tasks are when you’re dropped into the timeline, so I’m playing around with an inbox or task view as well.

The UX call actually made me reschedule a demo since I suddenly saw so many flaws in the app, but I did start reaching out to some prospects again! I’m just taking it slow.

I keep telling myself that I need to get the app polished up before I start pushing on sales or marketing, since it’s such a competitive space. I have been getting feedback, at least, and I’m honestly just now reaching the point where I have all the features some of my earliest demos were asking for.

Heading into May, I’m hoping to tackle the inbox view that came up with the UX designer, add action items to retros, fix a SAML SSO bug that’s been around a while, and then shift my focus to the marketing site and doing more prospecting.

Update: The May 2022 Update is the next post in this series.

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