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December 2022 Update

January 1, 2023 by Brad Simantel

This is a monthly update where I share what I’ve been working on recently. To see all of my updates, check out the updates page.

Onboarding improvements

I’m still working on this, but I continue to try and improve onboarding. Namely I’m now showing the initial “welcome” messages as created by Teaminal instead of the user themselves, which was a bit janky.

Next up I’m going to add some cards to the welcome messages encouraging users to turn on the Slack and Jira integrations by highlighting what you can do with them, since that’s my biggest dropoff in conversions.

Sync poker and refine comments to Jira

When you close a pointing poker or backlog refinement that’s linked to a Jira issue, the comments from Teaminal are now posted to the associated issue in Jira.

Multi-line status updates

Status updates can now contain line breaks, and the input box will dynamically resize as you type.

Admin page improvements

I have a home-built admin page that lets me view accounts in Teaminal, but I hadn’t set up any filtering or reporting on that page, so I made several improvements to make admin stuff a little nicer for me.

Paying off tech debt

I’d been ignoring a bunch of Rubocop errors for quite some time, so I spent a while updating my .rubcop.yml and resolving issues. I also pulled in rubocop-rails and rubocop-minitest gems and added Rubocop to my CI workflow so I won’t have nay regressions.

I also did some cleanup of my JS, which I’d let get a little out of hand. I’m still learning how to use just sprinkles of JS, as a former SPA enthusiast.

Lastly, I used the tool du jour, ChatGPT, to generate some seed data that’s a bit more realistic instead of my “lorem ipsum” I’d been using.

Update: The January 2023 Update is the next post in this series, but I’d also recommend the 2022 Year In Review.

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