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June 2022 Update

July 2, 2022 by Brad Simantel

This is part of a series of monthly updates I write for friends, family, and anyone else that’s interested in following along. For the previous installment, check out my May 2022 Update.

June was a super productive month product-wise, but emotionally it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. I’ve been working on Teaminal for over six months, but haven’t signed up my first user yet, and that doesn’t feel great.

I’ve been telling myself that since it’s a competitive space I need a base level of polish for the app, which I think is true to an extent, but I haven’t been consistently talking to folks to find out if I’ve hit that level yet, which is on me.

In terms of the app, I did get a lot done in June:

  • Spiffed up my Slack integration significantly, allowing users to post updates and vote on pointings directly from Slack
  • Built out billing with Stripe
  • Updated the way I pull in issues from Jira and GitHub for status updates and retros, so now the issues on retros are attributed to the correct user
  • Did a really satisfying refactor, moving a bunch of logic from controllers to models
  • Locked down SSO users so they can’t login with a password or do a password reset
  • Added custom error pages
  • Fixed a few long-standing bugs

For the marketing site, I also finally pushed some stuff that had been lingering:

  • Launched feature pages for standup, pointing poker, retro, reports, and integrations (I think I took credit for this last month, but it wasn’t actually done)
  • Made some tweaks to the about page (though I want to add bios for the team still)
  • Removed the empty “alternative to” pages and deleted them from the footer

Looking ahead to July, I’m finally really going to wrap up the last couple SSO issues, add user roles so everyone can’t get into organization and team settings, maybe polish up the feature pages on the marketing site a bit more, and then I’m 100% focused on talking to folks.

Update: The July 2022 Update is the next post in this series.

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